Does Your Doctor Help You Get Well?

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3 min readJun 3, 2021


Have you heard this scenario from a loved one?

Patient: I’ve felt kinda funny ever since you gave me that prescription for those side effects I got from the prescription you gave me to handle the side effects of the surgery I needed because of the side effects of that prescription you gave me for when I was first feeling funny a year ago.

Doctor: Here you go. This prescription should take care of it.

Medical Doctors for Emergencies, Health Practitioners to Build Health

Do you know anyone who has fallen prey to the medical system like the gentleman above? Do you realize It doesn’t have to be that way?

There are many documented side effects of medicines, but have you heard of any side effects from being too healthy? Eating too many vegetables? So what are you thinking? Time to get healthier?

The best time to get healthier is RIGHT NOW. Whether it is your child, yourself, your spouse or a friend, please do them a favour and send them our way! We are thrilled to help your loved ones. Our programs are precise, customized and THEY WORK. Around here, most people improve quickly; better sleep, more energy, improved bowels, radiant skin, and an overall better outlook on life. More importantly, they feel GOOD.

At Julie E Health, we focus on healing the body — not masking the symptoms. Why? Because this is the way to achieve HEALTH. We don’t overcomplicate things, we focus on SIMPLE SOLUTIONS you can apply to your life right away. There’s no need to waste away, cut away or cut things out of your life. If you’re hoping that the next pill will be the one that makes the difference — if it’s a cell resonant nutrient — it will!

When you own a car, you put in regular maintenance. You make sure the oil gets changed so the engine can run for years to come. You check the fluid levels, change the spark plugs, tires, etc. You don’t let your car sit and rust away, because you NEED it to live your life. TREAT yourself the same way you treat your car! With our Simple Solutions, you will be giving yourself the ‘regular maintenance’ that will keep you healthy and thriving.

Our nutrients are healthier than most organic food. With more than 50% of today’s supplements contaminated with toxins, chemicals and even GLASS, rest assured that will never happen at Julie E Health. We go above and beyond what most practitioners do to assure the nutrients we offer are clean, toxin-free and they work. Our nutrients are the SAME energy as the body. You wouldn’t put coconut oil into your car for an oil change, because the coconut oil wouldn’t serve the same purpose for the car. When you’re investing your hard-earned money into your health, you want to make sure your body can use and truly benefit from what you’re putting into it, and this is what you’ll be getting with the products we use.

Stop by and shop at our clinic or book an online appointment. Regardless of where you live, Julie can help you and your loved ones feel better, rid allergies and experience optimal health.

We are open and ready to take new clients. We love working with your children too, 54% of the US kids have chronic illness, let’s alleviate their issues! They heal so quickly with just the right guidance to their bodies. We’ve also seen numerous cats and dogs in our clinic. And of course, we want to work with you too. If a customized program is too much, pick up a few nutrients, pH paper and other tools to keep in your medicine chest for when an issue does arise.



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