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4 min readMay 6, 2021


Getting healthy can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! The media and your doctors may tell you otherwise, but I am here to tell you that a little goes a long way. Simple Solutions that make a big impact are ALWAYS available to you and some are free while others can be under $20. Here are a few easy things you can use right now to see where your health is and help you take it to the next level.

1. Assure an alkaline pH

pH is a marker of acid vs alkaline. Bacteria, Virus and Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. When we keep our body alkaline, we feel better, our bones are healthier and we remain disease-free. Step #1 includes TESTING our pH — and it takes about 2 seconds. Test pH daily upon rising and pre-dinner with pH test strips. Our morning pH is what our body is ‘raw,’ before food, nutrients and our day. It might take a little time before the morning pH becomes ‘green’ and ‘alkaline’ so keep checking every couple of days.

Our evening pH should be alkaline- ALWAYS. By the end of our day, we should have taken enough nutrients, greens, reds and water to get our bodies alkaline. If we are still acidic at the pre-dinner time, we must go back to the kitchen and add something else and recheck our pH. If you think ‘wow I take a lot of supplements and I’m still acidic’ then either your stress and oxidants are too high that you aren’t getting in enough nutrition, or you need an anti-infective nutrient because a bacteria or bug is what would keep your pH acidic even if you do everything else right.

Nutrients that help create alkaline environment:

2. Determine if our body has toxicity or low immunity

In today’s world, we are exposed to so many toxins all of the time; from smog, pollution, food dyes, pesticides and much more. For some people, these underlying toxins are weakening their overall health. For others, its high exposure to bacteria and virus while having a low nutrition that make them feel weak. Determine which one you are and take therapeutic Nutrients to bring yourself back into balance and feeling good. After all, we get ‘kicked when we are down’, meaning that one bug or toxin isn’t a big deal, but when we are also tired, stressed or emotional and exposed to bugs or toxins, then we might get sick. So, we must keep ourselves strong by using nutrition to ward off the underlying toxins and bugs. If you work with chemicals, have had numerous surgeries or anesthesia, you’re likely to have more toxicity. Below are a few nutrients to help move those toxins out of your body:

If you feel you are exposed to many sick people, you visit hospitals often, or you were always sick as a child and never fully got stronger, you may have dormant bacteria or virus in your body and these nutrients listed will help you get stronger and healthier, by removing the toxins from you! Dormant bacteria are the kind that you find yourself saying ‘I only get sinus infections when…. The wind blows or … in spring..or when I’m run down’ — they are always present but dormant — until you’re weak and vulnerable — then they surface.

3. Healthy Bowels

We all know the basic facts that we eat and absorb nutrients and then we excrete the waste. What if we are constipated or not excreting often enough? What is often enough? We should have bowel movements minimum 2x/day and ideally 3. If we don’t eliminate the waste we will allow the toxins to recirculate around, essentially poisoning us.This is not good! We must eliminate.

If you don’t eliminate 2- 3 times each day, these nutrients will help you to do so (most often these nutrients work). There are the occasional times that someone needs a more functional product (as compared to a nutritional product) to help them increase the motility of their bowels)

So there you have it! Three easy steps to start getting healthier TODAY! Now, are you ready to take the next steps on your road to health? Remember, getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard. You can look and feel great, so why wait? Get started now with:



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